If you are in need of a prompt response the best way to contact WATDA by phone is to call the main number (608) 251-5577 and allow the receptionist to select the individual to assist you. Via email contact watda-info@watda.org.


Gary Beier, Foundation Vice President 145 gbeier@watda.org
Sarah Broske, Marketing Communications Director 126 sbroske@watda.org
Meghan Brown, WATDASI Manager & Bond Administrator 113 mbrown@watda.org
Julie Farmer, Executive Assistant, Dealer Point Editor 102 jfarmer@watda.org
Matt Lavold, VP - Controller 118 mlavold@watda.org
Barb Lumina, Customer Service, Receptionist 142 bjlumina@watda.org --------------------
Chryste Madsen, Membership Services Manager 128 cmadsen@watda.org
Megan Markanich, Accounting Specialist 116 mmarkanich@watda.org
Sue Miller, Vice President - Member Services 124 suemiller@watda.org
Julie Olson, Foundation Program Director 131 jlolson@watda.org
Susan Rausch, Vice President Insurance Agency 117 srausch@watda.org
William A. Sepic, President 105 wsepic@watda.org
Chris Snyder, Executive Vice President & General Counsel 107 csnyder@watda.org
John Strange, Account Manager 207 jstrange@watda.org --------------------
Mari Pat Wittwer, Accounting Supervisor 122 mpwittwer@watda.org --------------------
Receptionist 100 watda-info@watda.org --------------------

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