Why was the Foundation established?

  • We are a statewide community of retail auto and truck dealers who care about our customers and needed an IRS-approved way to "give back".
  • As a caring community of retail business people, we can accomplish more than our own individual efforts if we do things together.
  • All association members will benefit from the public goodwill as our "good works" become known.
What is the mission of the Foundation?
  • The Foundation enables the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association (WATDA) to be responsible corporate citizens by providing philanthropic funds to worthwhile statewide causes.
How is the Foundation governed?
  • A twenty-two member board of directors has been elected representing both dealer principals and public members. Public members of the Board lend significant credibility to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation board of directors has statewide representation. Officers are elected within the group.
Does the Foundation employ staff?
  • Yes, a full time VIce President and full time program director.
How is the Foundation funded?
  • Dealer-members contribute 62% of our operating and program funds each year. In addition, we have corporate partners and foundation partners who contribute the remainder to support our programs and services to schools, teachers and our communities.
Who receives Foundation grants?
  • Currently, we have supported over 1,800 young people preparing for careers in the retail service business. Along with Snap-on Corporation we have invested over $6 million in young people's careers.
  • Our Community Challenge Grants program has provided matching funds for over 200 non-profit agencies throughout Wisconsin.
What are the benefits for me and my dealership?
  • You will be a responsible corporate citizen by financially supporting The Foundation
  • You will establish a partnership with one of the major philanthropic organizations in the state
  • You will have a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public foundation in place enabling you to give something back to your industry with IRS encouragement
  • You will see a positive impact on your corporate image
  • You will receive personal recognition for your help and membership
  • You will receive philanthropic program management of your charitable dollars
What are the benefits for Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association?
  • The Foundation helps fund worthwhile public programs beyond the general capacity of WATDA.
  • The Foundation works to improve our sense of community as we cooperate in supporting positive causes.
For more information about The Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Assocation contact:
    Julie L. Olson
Program Director
(608) 251-4631

or call the WATDA Madison office at (608) 251-5577.