2000th Scholarship Awarded!
From left: Kara Nania, VP Foundation of WATDA, Brendan Franch, Recipient, Tom Hoppe, Body Shop Supply,
Mark Behrens, Snap-On Industrial and Sue Peterson, WACTAL

2020 Full Scholarship Application Information

Helpful web sites (pdf)

Tool Set Description (pdf)

Scholarship Assignment (pdf) 

(for Automotive Instructor use)

Snap-On Tools Student Excellence Program Registration

2020 Scholarship Flyer


The Foundation of the Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers is pleased to announce that scholarships will be available in 2020 for graduating high school seniors, adult students and continuing technical college students who are pursuing a career in the auto and truck industry. Current technical college students must be in their first year of a two-year program to be eligible. Scholarships consist of tuition, Snap-on Tools and employment assistance. The Foundation of WATDA awards 60 to 80 scholarships per year to students attending Wisconsin Technical Colleges for:s:

  1. Automotive       2. Diesel     3. Auto Collision 4. Motorcycle
  • On-line application form.
  • One letter of recommendation from a person such as former teacher or high school counselor, local auto or truck dealer, minister or priest, employer or neighbor.
  • The completed on-line evaluation form preferably completed by your automotive instructor or employer.
  • Your high school transcript. If your school does not use a 4.0 scale, please have your GPA converted to a 4.0 scale before submitting it. You may send additional transcripts as they become available and they will be added to your file. Current technical college students must also provide their first semester technical college grades.
  • Testing: Provide your ACT test scores and send an e-mail to jlolson@watda.org to request to have the Bennett Mechanical and DAT Spatial tests sent to you. Current technical college students are exempt from this requirement.
Application File must be completed by JANUARY 15, 2020.

Supporting documents may be sent by:
e-mail: jlolson@watda.org
Fax: 608-251-4379
Website: Letter of recommendation and evaluation form
Mail: Foundation of WATDA, 150 East Gilman Street, Suite A100; Madison, WI  53703-1441

No FAFSA or income information is required to apply for this scholarship.


Questions concerning this process can be director to Julie Olson, Program Director
at (608) 251-4631 or emailed to jlolson@watda.org

Scholarships will be awarded in the spring and summer of 2020 with funding to begin with the 2020 fall semester. 
The Application and sample test questions are available on our website:


The application and testing deadline for all scholarships is January 15, 2020
Questions and Supporting Documentation should be sent to:
Julie Olson
The Foundation of WATDA
150 East Gilman Street, Suite A100
Madison, WI  53703

Fax: (608) 251-4379

Email: jlolson@watda.org
Thank you for your assistance in promoting our scholarships in Wisconsin.
We have awarded over 2,000 scholarships since we established this program.





Julie L. Olson

Program Director

(608) 251-4631